The Weather



The Weather is an interactive modular planetarium program covering the national science standards for weather grades K2.


Module One: Using the Senses to Observe Weather and Identifying Cloud Types Module one will help connect children to the weather around them by encouraging them to use their senses to observe weather. It will also introduce children to the basic cloud types and how they are associated with specific weather conditions. The idea of weather forecasting will be presented in this module as well.


Module Two: Describing and Measuring the Weather This module will introduce children to the basic weather terms that are used to describe weather conditions. It will also help children identify the appropriate instruments that are used for studying and measuring weather.


Module Three: Identifying the Basic Features of the Water Cycle The final module will present the major steps of the water cycle. To help with this concept, children will follow a drop of water through the entire water cycle.


Recommended Audience

grades K - 2

Recorded portion

16 min