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Welcome to Ward Beecher Planetarium's Golden Anniversary Season!




  • A little star is born, and he's average. But there's nothing wrong with being average, as our little star discovers, especially if you want to have a planet with life!
  • This program is all about eclipses- both lunar and solar. Totaliy shows visitors how they occur and what happens when they do. We will get you ready for the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017!
  • WBP student employee Ashley Lemasters was showcased in STEMJobs magazine:

    "As a Physics and Astronomy major at Youngstown State University, I have the opportunity to feed my curiosity with incredible classes and hands-on experiences. I especially love working in our planetarium, which has done more than just give me insight into the night sky - itís expanded my own universe and opened new doors and pathways that have led to unforgettable experiences. I know my undergraduate education at YSU will leave me well-prepared to pursue my PhD in Astrophysics."


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