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*ONE NIGHT ONLY* Lecture Series: A Quark's Life

Lecture Series: A Quark's Life

Friday, March 23 at 8PM
Dr. Jane Charlton from the Pennsylvania State University debuts the remarkable story of "Herbert the up quark", who currently resides in the right frontal lobe of her brain. Follow Herbert's journey through the 13.8 billion year history of the Universe, from the quark soup, to the core of a star, to a huge explosion, to an alien world, and to the era of the dinosaurs. This program is suitable for general audiences.


Fridays, March 2, 9, & 16 at 8PM and
Saturdays, March 3, 10, 17, & 24 at 8PM

Produced by Mirage3D and Koenig Films, "SEEING!" follows a photon's creation and journey across the galaxy to a young stargazer's eye. The viewer follows the photon into the girl's eye, learning the structures of the eye and their functions prior to taking a ride on the optic nerve. "SEEING!" is narrated by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, American astrophysicist, cosmologist, and author.


*NOW SHOWING* Legends of the Night Sky: Orion

Legends of the Night Sky: Orion

Saturdays, March 3, 10, 17, & 24 at 2PM
Aesop the owl continues his journey in a light-hearted adventure as you look at the Greek mythology associated with some of our constellations. This includes stories behind Orion the hunter and Scorpio the scorpion!

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